About Great Florida Motors


Where are you located?

1325 South Killian Drive.  Lake Park, FL 33403. Just South of Northlake Blvd.


Who are you?


Our name is Great Florida Motors.  We are a Florida Corporation.  We hold a Florida Auto Dealer Retail License.  Our dealership is bonded and insured and (highly) regulated by the State of Florida.


What is your history?


We have been in the auto wholesale business for a long time.  Wholesale still comprises the majority of our business.  We buy cars for bigger auto dealers (they buy from us) and specialty customers.  Recently, we started retailing some of our nicer inventory at wholesale prices.  Truth be told: we were tired of other dealers making thousands on our purchases. 

What is included in your price?


The price listed is the price you pay.  We do not believe in ‘dealer fees’ or other surprises.  Statutorily, we must add tax, tag, and title fees to any purchase within the State of Florida.  That is it!  If you do not like paying tax and tag fees call your politician, we do not like them either.  Oh, and we do NOT markup those statutory fees. 


Why is your car (a lot) cheaper than other cars at dealers?


Simply stated, we buy cars cheaper than other dealers.  Thus, why we wholesale to other dealers!  We have technology that scans auctions across USA (we built a better buying mousetrap – we will soon be famous if secret does not get out).  We recondition minor blemishes in house and sell ONLY quality vehicles.  We also have lower overhead (sorry, no fancy showroom).   Bottom line: we are not greedy bastards.


Why should I buy from you?


You are getting a wholesale price on a vehicle.  No hassle.  No hard sales tactics.  Just a great car and a wholesale price.  A better car buying experience.


Do you provide Autocheck or Carfax for your cars?


Sure.  We provide Autocheck.  We like them better.  We can email you a copy on request.  We fully disclose everything we know about the car – not just reported items, even unreported items.  The more information you have, the better choice you can make.  It makes us sleep better at night to be honest.



There is a car less expensive than yours on the internet.  How is that possible?


We would be surprised but send us the link.  We will look at it.  It is possible the car has a branded title or damage history.  Our cars are in top condition so make sure it is the ‘apples to apples’ comparison.  Many other dealers charge a large dealer fee, or some other last minute surprises.  We have seen it before and these tactics give all car dealers a bad name. 


I like your story, but I do not see the car I want on your website – what should I do?


Call us.  We have access to most auctions in the USA.  We can obtain the car for you.  There is a nominal fee for this service (we have bills to pay), but you will still get that wholesale price.  Also, we have cars not listed on our website in inventory. 


Any last-minute car buying advice?

Do not be intimidated.  Take your time deciding.  Do your research.  It amazes us that people research a big screen TV for hours on end, then when they want to buy a car they show up at an auto dealer because they see a lost leader / bait and switch price and buy a more expensive car in a matter of hours.   Do not make a big financial mistake.